A membership program created by urban golfers, for the urban golfer. Led with top-tier technology, followed up with great hospitality and community. If you want to hone in your game, compete in members-only events and meet some fellow golfers along the way, you've found your home.

$250 /mo

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Why The Green? We're Glad You Asked.

Born from a need for an exceptional indoor golfing experience, our facility merges cutting-edge technology with elegant design, ensuring every swing you take is as authentic and satisfying as on an outdoor course.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our simulators. It's in the ambiance of our facility, the passion of our staff, and the community we've cultivated. Join us at The Green for an experience that harmonizes tradition with modern luxury, making every visit memorable.


  • Free simulator time daily

Food & Drink

  • Discount on menu items


  • Discount on hosting corporate or social events


  • Complimentary club storage
  • Complimentary coffee program for the morning looper


  • Members only tournaments & leagues (every club needs a Club Champion)